Their Stories

  1. Introduction
    i.   The War: why, how, and Kitchener
    ii.  The Goodchild family
  2. George
    i.   Enlistment and training: Shorncliffe
    ii.  Training: around Aldershot
    iii. Belgium and France: Ploegsteert and Loos
    iv. Wounded: La Bassée canal and Graylingwell Hospital
    v.  Felixstowe and after
  3. Edmund Leonard (Ned)
    i.   Enlistment and training: Shoreham
    ii.  Training: around Farnborough
    iii. France: Loos
    iv. Belgium: Ypres
    v.  Death and burial
  4. Arthur
    i.   Enlistment and training: Shoreham
    ii.  Billeted in Brighton
    iii. Felixstowe
    iv. France: Béthune and Loos
    v.  Egypt and Salonika
    vi. Injured: Malta and Brighton
  5. Cecil Joseph
  6. Charles Henry Goodchild
  7. Some final thoughts
  8. The descendants of Joe and Etta
  9. Sources and Links